Chika is a gifted musician who has amassed a devoted following as a result of her music. Unfortunately, Chika has struggled with depression throughout her life, which has led her down a dark path at times.

Chika posted what seemed to be a suicide note on Instagram yesterday. Chika intimated that she was about to commit herself because she was sick of existing. The post said to find her body and no follow-up caused fans to grow concerned.

After a series of unsettling social media posts, Chika’s fans were concerned. Chika took to Instagram after around 16 hours to provide an update for her admirers. The artist stated that she is still alive and that she is no longer at the location where she planned to leap. Instead, she is merely attempting to return home.

“I went to the top of the intercontinental, but could not jump. Not because i don’t want to, but because the metal stairs were scary that’s the thing about having a f*cked up brain. no matter how much pain you are in, there will always be something to hold you back. i know you guys are tired of me holding back. it’s draining & sad. it looks like crying wolf. but it is not. it’s just difficult to find the right way. the quickest way. the painless way.”


She later tweeted out that she is “alive.” We are very happy to hear that.

This is an excellent update to see. Many admirers were worried about her health, and we’re delighted she’s still alive. Perhaps, she will be able to obtain the help she requires.

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Smita Singha Roy

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