Casanova stays in heated air because of his deeds. Casanova has a habit of breaking the law in some manner or another and it cost him a lot. The rapper recently claimed that his Constitutional Rights were violated and he seeks to have key evidence tossed.

All Hip-Hop reports that Casanova, the embattled rap star, argued that his fourth amendment rights were violated. He wants key evidence against him thrown out of court. When the feds confiscated and reviewed information from Casanova’s iCloud account, he claimed that they went too far.

According to Kousouros, there was no reason to presume the iCloud account held any proof of his alleged illegal activities, let alone “substantial” evidence. Cas’ cell phone was “listed” on his iCloud account, according to the agents, who swore under oath.

“iCloud was built into the phone, and there was no probable cause to believe that he had ever set up his iCloud account, enabled it, and backed up data on it.”

The lack of verification that the iCloud account belonged to Casanova was a “fatal error” in the search warrant’s original issuance. Casanova’s lawyer claimed that the order to search his iCloud account contained no information concerning his alleged illegal behavior other than the names of co-conspirators, “the underlying criminal enterprise,” and many criminal statutes that he allegedly broke.

“Even if there was probable cause that [Casanova’s] iCloud account contained stored data and that he committed some or all of the Subject Offenses, allegations that [Casanova] used his cellphone an unidentified number of times to facilitate crimes did not provide reason to believe that criminal activity “pervaded” his iCloud account. As such, the warrant was overbroad in its sweeping authorization to search potentially the entire universe of [Casanova’s] life.”

Even though there was more than one phone attached to the account, the rapper claimed that the Feds were able to search through his life due to insufficient criteria. Kousouros said they had the permission to see Casanova’s life.

“The warrant permitted the government to seize and review a repository of [Casanova’s] entire life and then rummage through it on an unconstitutional fishing expedition merely on the basis that he allegedly used an Apple device to facilitate crimes.”

The rapper has been charged with distributing crack and marijuana to benefit the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation. Casanova is facing punishment after punishment. What do you think about Casanova? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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