Sean Kingston is one of the most vibrant rappers to ever exist. He lives it up as much as he can, and makes sure he has no shame about it. As he appeared on Angela Yee’s new episode of Lip Service, he had some shocking details to reveal about a strong deterrence in his relationship.

Kingston admitted to cheating on his girlfriend, but the circumstances of him going about it were radical. He told Yee that she was still in the house while he cheated on her.

I ain’t gon’ lie, I did some shit where she was upstairs and I was fucking another girl downstairs. Made me so mad to [that] point—and that’s the only time I ever cheated in a relationship, ’cause I don’t cheat. But she made it so bad—she hacked my iCloud, she hacked my fucking Instagram, she hacked all type of shit, bro. Like, imagine.

Yee’s co-hosts Gigi Maguire and Lore’l definitely got ticked off to the point that they started to cross-question Kingston. Yee condemned Kingston’s actions with a startling reply.


Sean, son, we do not have no sympathy for you! You just said you fucked a girl in the house that y’all shared. You know how crazy that is?

Sean tried his best to keep criticisms against his actions at bay. Thinking that he could provide more context to the secure more ground. He said:

Like she was upstairs, thought I was downstairs with the guys recording, she didn’t know nothing was going down. I mean, I was just down there vibing!

As the back and forth happened, the audiences just peered at the drama that ensued. It did make for a very entertaining episode however, which you can watch on YouTube right now.

Nitish Vashishtha

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