Eminem and The Game have decades of experience in the music industry under their belts. They’ve earned each other’s respect as musicians and established themselves as competent emcees over that time. The Game recently asserted that he is better than Eminem, and he stands by his claims. However, rappers have recently expressed their opinions on the subject.

Math Hoffa recently claimed that The Game is a better rapper than Eminem in a barbershop conversation. The conclusion is that it is a smart commercial decision, but the assertion is unsubstantial. The No Reason rapper Grafh said that he recognizes and has utilized this strategy before.

What Game is doing, that’s business. He’s putting his name in the conversation with other niggas. I do that all day. He wouldn’t got mentioned next to Eminem in no other way. It’s a chess move.

Math Hoffa, on the other hand, was looking for a direct answer to a basic question about who would win in a hypothetical fight between Eminem and The Game. It’s simple for Grafh. He said, “Nobody’s fucking with Em, he’s too lyrical. Nigga’s an animal. Em influenced my shit too. He is one of the GOATs to me. His skill set is alienlike.”


H20, a battle rapper, agrees with this viewpoint and says, “I feel like Game’s been reaching. Eminem is Eminem. So what’s a better person to come when you’re doing an interview with N.O.R.E. on the Drink Champs? What’s a better person to come at than Eminem? Probably the biggest name in hip-hop.”

Grafh felt compelled to point out that, while Game’s claim appears to be outlandish, it does not imply that the rapper is intentionally misleading the audience. He could be serious, even if he’s delusional:

“I put my name next to Eminem’s in all kinds of wild shit because I wanted to be in that conversation. But I believed in what I was saying too. I think Game believes in what the fuck he’s saying. I wanted to be compared to the nigga.”

Everyone in the room agrees that no one believes Game’s assertion. Not to disparage the ex-G-Unit rapper, but Esso makes an important point.

The Game can rhyme. He can fucking rap. But is he rapping on Em’s level? No. Everybody knows that.

In any way, everyone in the barbershop agreed that it’s fun to see, and there would be more attempts to cash in on Eminem’s popularity. You can check out the video below.

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