Keke Palmer and Cardi B are hooked on a new sport. Cardi B is not only a talented rapper but also an entertainer. Cardi is moving away from the music race and embracing a calmer sport, fishing.

If you didn’t know already, Cardi has a new series on Facebook Watch. The “WAP” rapper and the “Scream Queens” actress made a hilarious duo learning how to fish in the latest episode of the show Cardi B Tries. The episode premiered on Friday March 25.

Cardi revealed she had never been exposed to the hobby until the segment of the show. Keke on the other hand has had some experience. She announced she accompanied her grandfather on several fishing trips.

While they were setting sail in the Pacific from the coastal town of Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, the Hustlers co-stars were tasked with an interesting adventure. They were to go fishing for their own anchovy bait. After tackling their first assignment, each of the ladies took turns driving the boat out of the marina into the open waters, where hilarity ensued.


Feeling the ocean, Cardi said she has always wanted to reenact a scene from Titanic. Keke took her up on the challenge on Cardi’s request. The longtime friends stationed themselves at the bow of the boat to emulate the scene where Jack holds Rose,

It was as iconic as the “Jack, I’m flying!” moment. The superstars learnt a lot of skills, both Cardi and Keke pulled in a sand bass. “I’m impressed with my skills as a fisherman, I am,” Keke announced, as Cardi gave a side eye and the reply, “I’m disgusted, but I’m proud, sure.” they even got a lesson on beheading a squid.

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