Cardi B is recognized for her outspoken style and genuine lyrics in the industry. The star has a massive fanbase across the globe and surely what she says carries a lot of weight. Cardi was recently featured on the remix/extended version of No Love and it seems she made certain bold statements about her feature.

Cardi recently went on a rage on Twitter when she claimed that no one can possibly out sing her vocals on her latest feature on Summer Walker and SZA’s hit “No Love.” She blasted anyone claiming they can out perform her calling them clowns. Cardi B went as far as to bet $1K on her statement.

If y’all think ya can out sing my vocals on the no love extended version you’re a clown …let me see y’all do it, any b-tch that beats Bardi Barey I’ll give them a 1k, them vocal is raw!

Cardi B posted the cover art for the new version of the song on Instagram, admitting that she was nervous about it. Now that the Grammy-winning rapper has indicated she would be offering a sound that her devoted following may not be used to, this release might shake things up.


Cardi B has been working on a follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album, “Invasion of Privacy.” Cardi has managed to maintain her name in the spotlight by staying in touch with fans on social media and seeking out the proper possibilities. Check out her tweet in reference below.

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