Brian Hickerson appears to have serious anger issues. Hickerson was sentenced to prison last year after pleading no contest to two felony counts of inflicting bodily harm on a spouse or girlfriend. When the couple split up in 2020, Panettiere vowed to protect other women from Hickerson. Brian and Hayden were recently spotted hanging out after he was released from jail, clearly ignoring the restraining order. Their reunion resulted in a massive brawl with bar patrons.

After getting into a huge melee at a famous Sunset Strip hotel, Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend Brian Hickerson look less like lovers and more like tag-team partners. The video was obtained by TMZ on Thursday night outside the Sunset Marquis, where Hayden, and primarily Brian, threw down with a large group of people.

At one point, security was able to calm things down, but Brian broke free, escalating the situation once more. According to an eyewitness, everything began inside the hotel bar, where an argument erupted between Hayden, Brian, and a few other patrons. Reportedly, one of the other group’s members claimed Brian spit on them, and the manager kicked everyone out, resulting in this wild scene on the street.

Throughout the fight, you can see Hayden doing her best to pry Brian away from the others, and it even appears that she was kicked in the face while in the scrum. She’s been heard yelling, “Brian, jail!” presumably to warn him of the consequences if cops show up because he’s on probation until 2025.


After everyone has been separated, Brian and Hayden return to the hotel, where she apologizes to the staff and the other group departs. Hayden and Brian have a tumultuous history; he’s been arrested for domestic violence and assault for alleged attacks on the actress. Last night, at least, they presented a united front.

Law enforcement responded to a call about a fight at the hotel, but by the time they arrived, everyone had left, and no report was filed. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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