Soulja Boy frequently credits himself for being the first rapper to do a variety of things. Making a ludicrous assertion in the hip-hop world has nearly been his defining move in recent years. Despite his outlandish statements, the Atlanta native is a trailblazing artist with a knack for shrewd economic plays.

So it was logical for the Atlanta native to anticipate that a fellow entertainment tycoon like TMZ’s Harvey Levin would participate in the joy of his newfound enterprise when he recently revealed a fresh drop for his Soulja Star sneakers. Soulja Boy politely tried to persuade TMZ’s owner to accept a pair of Soulja Star sneakers. However, Harvey refused to wear the shoes.

You know what would happen to me if I wear these? They’ll tear me apart in here. I’ve stopped putting sh-t in the closet a long time ago.

Soulja Boy wears numerous hats in the music and entertainment industry, including rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and more. The 31-year-old rapper appears to be a creative thinker who is always coming up with new ideas that push him over the brink, allowing him to be the first to perform a lot of things in hip-hop.


The Soulja Stars are handcrafted in Italy and distributed by Alive Shoes as part of an exclusive collaboration with Soulja Boy. Fans were shown three pairs last month, one of which had a black-and-yellow colorway with stars across the straps. Check out the video of Harvey rejecting Soulja Stars below.

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