Machine Gun Kelly’s planned Concert was cancelled due to storm. However, he didn’t want his fans to leave empty handed. MGK braved the elements and thought outside the box to give those fans a show anyway.

Kelly is turning hotel bellmen into tour roadies. He is proving the old show biz adage is true. Even in the face of a deadly storm in South America he was unstoppable.

The show went on for MGK Tuesday night just outside the lobby of his hotel in Paraguay. The rocker set up giant speakers, cranked it up to 11 and grabbed a mic. Fans had swarmed the building after his scheduled concert venue was flooded out, forcing promoters to pull the plug on the show. MGK took to tweeter to spread the the message.

“The concert grounds flooded in paraguay tonight so they cancelled our set…but i just ordered a huge speaker so meet me out front of my hotel right now, youre getting a show”.

Megan Fox was right by her fiance’s side when he came out to greet the fans and then decided to give them a mini-concert.

Paraguay was rocked by a storm that tore roofs off buildings and had rivers overflowing their banks. Five people reportedly died and more than 80 were injured in the severe weather.

MGK was supposed to play at the Asuncionico Festival and Miley Cyrus was on the bill too. Miley’s flight to the gig was disrupted by an emergency landing when it was struck by lightning from the storm. Checkout MGK’s mini concert down below.

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