Latto made a name for herself being a rapper. She first appeared on the reality television series The Rap Game in 2016 where she ended up winning the first season. Latto is all set to drop her latest album 777. According to the Atlanta-raised rapper, a male artist wanted sex in exchange for a guest feature.

Latto stopped by The Breakfast Club this week to talk about her career, the album, and the recent speculation about who she was referring to when she said a male artist was nearly left off of her album after she ignored the unwelcome advances they sent in her direct messages.

Following the release of her album’s track-list on social media, fans focused their attention on one male musician in particular, with thousands stating that it was similar to Kodak Black’s work. People gravitated to the rapper’s name after he recently made comments about all of his signed female musicians on his company needing to sleep with him in order to keep their spots.

In a tweet, Kodak disputed that he was the one who sent Latto strange messages, claiming that he’s “Too Fly Fa Dat.” Latto discussed the subject on The Breakfast Club recently, claiming that she never intended for this to become hip-latest hop’s “whodunnit.”

My intention was not to make this a whole thing. I just was looking at it as, like, I’m a new female rapper in the game, I wish somebody could have given me some insight about how this stuff really goes. You hear female rappers have it harder but I really wanted to give a little insight as to what specifically makes it harder for female rappers. I didn’t want it to distract from the music or anything so I kind of wish, in a way, I didn’t say that.

I haven’t heard from them. I’m not here to raise nobody… I’m just speaking on what I go through and I think I’m allowed to do that to a certain extent. Social media is trying to turn it into this thing where it’s like, oh, I’m trying to clout-chase or [they’re trying to] silence my experiences. It’s hard to know when you should and shouldn’t speak up.

When asked how the male artist in reference reacted to her telling his story, Latto said that she hasn’t heard back. Latto certainly has a bright future ahead of her and it is clear she couldn’t care less what her critics think about her life. Take a look at the entire interview below.

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