Hip Hop has seen tons of losses in recent years and made headlines. Rappers, particularly those of a younger age on the rise, have seen their life turned upside down or lost due to gang activity, prison, overdosess, and violence. With each new tale, a debate erupts about what can be done within Hip Hop culture to stop the tragedies, and Master P weighed in on how to address the problem.

The No Limit entrepreneur revealed to HipHopDX that we, as a culture, sometimes discount young people’s pranks and just link their habits with immaturity. Things are frequently dismissed because young people are viewed as irresponsible or are expected to make mistakes.

You either going to be a tragedy or testimony. A lot of people don’t get to be a testimony.

Even that you look at this culture in Hip Hop why we dying so young, because we don’t have the right leadership or the right older people around us to tell us that we wrong, because we just see the money. ‘Oh, these guys making money.’ Even the parents end up being friends. One thing I love about my parents and my grandparents, they never was my friends. When I went to them, I know that I got the real. I think that people as parents, if you got a young person that’s in Hip Hop, or just in general, in life, stop trying to cheat the game.

Stop trying to just have fun with your kids. I just think that’s the only way we’re going to save this culture. Because like I said, everybody is not going to overcome all this adversity. Because I got friends that died, I know you probably had it, too. My daughter just had her friend, a 19-year-old girl that died. So, drugs do kill. I think a lot of people party and don’t want to look. Look at all the artists we know that died, and then they got into beefs and all these different things. I think it is a lack of education.

Master P is said to be worth around $200 million. That’s a lot of money. The No Limit Records founder built a multi-million-dollar empire from almost nothing. Master P has many contacts in the music industry through his veteran career, and he has also witnessed some of his close ones lose their lives in violence.

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