Kailyn Lowry is an open book. She never shies away from drama and is quick to call people out. At the same time, Kailyn Lowry is open about her life struggles.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is opening up about the state of her mental health. It all looks pretty good on the outside as Kail just bought a new house and lost weight. However, she has been suffering internally.

Kailyn has admitted to being depressed and being in therapy. This comes after rumors that the reality star has been fired from the MTV show. The Teen Mom 2 star first tweeted: “Depression is kicking my a**.” then, while on the ShrinkChicks podcast on Monday, Kailyn and Vee Rivera discussed the impact of Teen Mom on their mental health.

Kail shared that she’s still working through things with a professional therapist because of the intensity of the job. She explained: “It’s really hard when we’ve gotten through things that were really hard in the moment and then we have to relive them on TV… And we’re like, ‘F**k, what is this? How do we get through this?’ Reliving, like ripping a band aid off a wound that hasn’t healed yet, and it’s just not a good time. And, I mean, I think I’m in therapy still from filming.” Kailyn concluded.


Kailyn reportedly has not filmed with the network in over six months and is rumored to have been fired. In addition to this, Her feud with Briana DeJesus is still ongoing, Kailyn recently went on an unfollowing spree where she unfollowed almost all her MTV co-stars. We hope Kailyn recovers from the mental health issues she is dealing with.

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