Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry aren’t exactly best friends. However, Kailyn dislikes other Teen moms more, like Briana DeJesus. Kailyn Lowry recently bought a brand new house and fans think it looks awfully similar to someone else’s house.

People are convinced that Kailyn Lowry copied Chelsea Houska’s home design. Her new Delaware dream home “looks just like” the Chelsea Houska’s Farmhouse. The Teen Mom 2 star recently confessed that she “cried for a week straight” after moving into the new property.

Kailyn was devastated after her plans of having a new pool installed failed. She has managed to move into the new house on Wednesday. Kail surprised her 4 sons with “welcome home” signs outside and posted photos.

Fans noticed striking similarities between Kailyn’s new Delaware dream home and Chelsea’s South Dakota Farmhouse. One fan in particular shared a photo of the outside of the mansion to Reddit, where they kicked off a discussion. The Redditor captioned their post: “Kails new home kinda reminds me of Chelsea’s.” it was soon flooded with comments from agreeing fans.

Another person added: “I think that was the goal, apparently she looks up to Chelsea in a way, so this isn’t surprising at all.” A fan observed, “It definitely looks like she’s trying to copy Chelsea,” “Uh because it’s exactly like Chelsea’s,” another noted.

Chelsea Houska’s House

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