Michael Koranda will spend 60 days behind bars after making a big mistake. Koranda’s mother accidentally served his pot brownies to patients at a local senior care center. The crime was unintentional, but the judge believes unsuspecting victims were harmed.

Michael will also have to serve two years on probation. Court costs and restitution payments will total more than $3,400. Koranda must also write a letter apologizing to the victims.

Koranda was forced to resign from his position as a music teacher at the Bon Homme school district. The 46-year-old admitted to police that he bought THC butter during a recent trip to Colorado, where recreational use of marijuana is legal. The butter was then imported across state lines and used to bake the brownies. The police report said his mother then took the brownies to a card game at the senior center, according to the Associated Press.

“Michael admitted to bringing 1 pound of THC butter to make the pan of brownies and then went to bed, and his mother unknowingly took the brownies to the card game where several people ate them. Michael said the remaining half pound of butter was still at his house.”


Michael Koranda gave a sincere apology to the judge at his sentencing hearing. The former music teacher admitted that his mistake impacted many members of the community. Koranda acknowledged that several people got sick.

Cannabis edibles can be extremely scary for unsuspecting users. Older patients at a senior care facility are not expecting a massive high with their sweet treats. After losing his job, his freedom, and likely his buzz, Michael Koranda will have to be more careful with his brownies next time.

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Michael Perry

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