Lil Durk is on a high after releasing his most awaited album, 7220. This was a perfect reply to his ongoing beef with NBA YoungBoy and so many other ongoing pieces of drama in his storied life. Now, Smurk has addressed the haters in a post on Twitter. It turns out that he threw a little Twitter block party after racking up 120k albums.

Durk took to Twitter on Saturday and shared a post that stated “Blocklist full.” This comes just after his new album sold over 120k units. The post was speculatively aimed at haters and YoungBoy as he proved them of his capabilities.

The Chicago-born drill rapper recently performed on The Tonight Show where he performed the diss track aimed at YoungBoy. His cryptic posts on Twitter just added fuel to the already flaming altercation between the two rappers. YoungBoy needs to come out with his expected album to give a proper onslaught.

The success of 7220 will come with a lot of high-profile collaborations and partnerships in the future. DJ Khaled and Future has already had talks about releasing new music with Durk. At this rate, Durk is set to become one of Hip-Hop’s household names. He also got on the Tonight Show where he had a chance to represent on a huge stage.


Durk recently also faced backlash over his comments on her fiancé India Royale. People were upset at him for saying that he chose India for having a low body count. However, that had certainly no effect on the success of his album as we can clearly see the amazing numbers.

Blocklist full

It’s great to see Lil Durk achieve what he has been wanting to for so long. Rising at the top of the charts is a dream for every artist, and he is about to have a taste of it firsthand. As for his feud with NBA YoungBoy, we are still waiting on his next move.

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