Jay-Z is one of the most influential rappers to ever enter the game. The Big Pimpin’ star has grown into a true business mogul over the years. Along with his wife, Beyonce, Jay-Z has remained a true icon of the culture. Hov is a smart businessman and is worth over a billion dollars for good reason.

Jeymes Samuel, who directed The Harder They Fall, is teaming up with Jay-Z for Netflix’s adaptation of the Irredeemable and Incorruptible comics. Netflix recently confirmed the project, revealing that Samuel will make a feature version of the Boom! Series Irredeemable and its offshoot Incorruptible.

Kemp Powers will write the script, which includes the Oscar-winning Soul and the upcoming Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. If you haven’t seen the series before, it follows villain-turned-hero Max Damage as he battles rogue superhero Plutonian.

Max must learn Plutonian’s past to preserve the future in order to free the planet from Plutonian. The next films were announced via an Instagram post by Boom! Studios. According to a press statement, Jeymes Samuel, James Lassiter, Boom! Studios Stephen Christy and Ross Richie, and JAY-Z will serve as producers.


We’re thrilled to announced IRREDEEMABLE & INCORRUPTIBLE will be adapted into a @Netflix film! Jeymes Samuel @thebullitts is set to direct and Kemp Powers @kemppowers will write!

Mark Waid, the creator of the series, and Peter Krause, the illustrator of Irredeemable, told Deadline that they were thrilled to death by the talent engaged in the adaptation. The deal between Boom! Studios and Netflix was first announced in 2020. To fulfil the new alliance, Founder Ross Richie is proposing a quick release of the two films. The release dates for the films are currently uncertain.

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