Jussie Smollett’s time in the prison was luckily shortlived. He was released from jail following six nights behind bars. However, things didn’t end there as the Lawyer in Jussie’s case has now sued the Osundairo Brothers.

According to Rolling Stone, the actor’s lawyer has filed a defamation lawsuit against brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo. They were key witnesses in Smollett’s hate crime trial. Defense attorney Mark Geragos claims the Osundairo were guilty of “malicious prosecution.”

The Osundairo brothers previously told the court they did not criminally conspire to attack Smollett. They claimed that they have helped him stage the attack in exchange for money. Geragos says Osundairo’s lawsuit contained “frivolous and fraudulent” claims, which cost him both time and money.

“They fabricated statements out of thin air and falsely attributed them to Mr. Geragos. In actuality, and as the transcript of the podcast reveals, Mr. Geragos never said anything remotely similar to what the complaint alleged […] Since the time the fraudulent lawsuit was filed, [Geragos and his firm] have wasted considerable time, effort, and resources to defend themselves, and to mitigate the damage to their reputation that flowed from defendants’ reckless and malicious actions.”

The Osundairos’ claims against Geragos and Glandian were ultimately dismissed except for one. On Thursday, a judge ruled that the brothers’ could move forward with their case against Glandian. They previously suggested that the brothers, who are Black, were donning “whiteface” when they allegedly attacked Smollett.

Smollett’s attorneys had argued that he would have completed the sentence by the time the appeal process was completed. They claimed that he could be in danger of physical harm if he remained locked up in Cook County Jail. The attorneys also said that he was the target of a racist justice system and people playing politics.

When we thought that the Jussie Smollett saga was coming to an end, it took another drastic turn. People have spoken against his short stay at the prison as the situation got heated up. We will have to wait and see any buildup in the future.

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Anirban Biswas

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