Kyle Rittenhouse must be feeling his relevance slip away. The vigilante boy wonder who took the law into his own hands and shot three people during racial justice protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin has been trying to make himself a media figure and earn a few dollars suing the evil liberal media ever since he was found not guilty of murder. Rittenhouse drove across state lines as an underage teenager to “defend” a town he didn’t live in from a threat that did not exist.

Rittenhouse’s fifteen minutes of fame could be fading. Kyle responded to a month’s-old diss by NBA great LeBron James in the laziest way possible. Rittenhouse took to Twitter to post a meme blaming Joe Biden for high gas prices during a global pandemic and a war featuring a world superpower.

“No, it’s not Lemon Heads.. it’s the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency..”

The wannabe Batman was responding to a joke LeBron James made during Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. James made a joke about the sour candy, Lemonheads after Kyle famously broke into tears in the courtroom. Rittenhouse has already responded to the joke once. Now he has gone back to the well yet again because he has nothing useful or interesting to say.


Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty for his part in the killing of two and shooting of one other. The fact is that Kyle took a dangerous weapon into a volatile situation as a child and made a terrible mistake in doing so. The court of public opinion made its decision on the case before the trial ever started.

Kyle Rittenhouse is hoping to get back into the news by again tying himself to one of the world’s most famous athletes. LeBron James probably has no time for a response. Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse continues to cling to his fading fame.

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Michael Perry

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