Kevin Clash did not create the Elmo character, but his creative input brought the character to life. He made millions and traveled the world as the friendly red monster, but misconduct caused him to drop the treasured role. Elmo lives on, but Kevin Clash’s hand is not in the picture.

The alleged misbehavior of ex-Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash is not surprising at all. Workplace accusations against the former “Sesame Street” cast member have recently been revealed in a shocking report in The Hollywood Reporter.

A puppet wrangler who worked on the set of the Disney+ show “Earth to Ned” told the publication that on his first day of work in November 2019, another wrangler warned him to avoid Clash. The seasoned professional reportedly advised the other employee not to address Clash directly.

The wrangler claimed to THR:


“Amongst other puppeteers, he’s known to be very bubbly and kind. But when it came to wranglers, I was told he tends to be condescending and nasty.”

The wrangler later allegedly encountered Clash’s volatile demeanor, claiming the latter yelled at him on set. “He yelled at me because he was leaving a voicemail as Elmo for someone’s kid,” he told the Reporter. “I think I was standing too close to him. He told me to ‘shut the f–k up.’” Clash and The Jim Henson Company, which produced the show, have yet to respond to the Reporter’s allegations. Clash and the company have also been contacted for comment by the Post.

Joey Mazzarino, the puppeteer, writer, and director of “Sesame Street,” spoke with Clash about his own experiences, which did not match up with rumors about his temper. “My experience with Kevin is he is super generous, always showing newer performers how to puppeteer, happy to give you a laugh in the scene, and just super helpful,” he said.

From 1984 to 2012, he worked his way through Elmo and vocalized the creature on “Sesame Street.” He left the show in 2012 after four men registered sexual abuse lawsuits against him. Clash was alleged of engaging in sexual activity with the people when they were underage, which he has denied. The cases, however, were dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

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