Skip Bayless is the kind of television personality you either love or hate. Bayless is paid to give bombastic and outrageous opinions on sports. Those who understand that get a kick out of him. People who take him at face value often find themselves ready to throw their remote through the television.

Every so often, Bayless offers a useful or interesting piece of information amid the bloviating. On today’s episode of Undisputed, Skip did just that. Bayless offered up a juicy tidbit on who Tom Brady is trying to recruit to join his comeback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Skip Bayless said that Tom Brady has been texting back and forth with Julio Jones. The wide receiver was recently released by the Tennessee Titans. Brady is always looking for new weapons.

“This would be a match made in football heaven. I believe there’s some Randy Moss left in Julio that Tom Brady can get out of him.”


Bayless was referring to Randy Moss’ late-career revival with the New England Patriots under Tom Brady’s leadership. If Tom could get that kind of production out of Julio Jones, it would make a lot of sense. The Bucs would be more than willing to listen to Brady’s suggestion.

If Julio Jones wants to win a Super Bowl on his way out, there isn’t a better landing spot than Tampa Bay. Tom Brady is back, and he didn’t unretire because he wants to lose in the playoffs. Brady has his sights set on yet another Super Bowl title.

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Michael Perry

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