Jake Paul has been fighting for the rights of UFC fighters when it comes to getting paid a fair wage. Due to this, Jake Paul has been seen as a champion for fighter rights and many support him in his crusade. Paul also urged Conor McGregor to accept his challenge.

The Problem Child previously ripped Dana White over UFC not paying their fighters properly. He then also took numerous shots at the UFC President over UFC increasing their price.

Recently, the Jake Paul took to Twitter and proposed a fight to Dana White. Paul revealed that he is willing to fight Conor McGregor in an MMA fight in the UFC. If Paul wins, then Dana White will have to agree to his UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal.

However, if Jake Paul loses, then he will donate his entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $50K a fight and never mention UFC again. Dana White made it clear isn’t against McGregor vs Paul either.

While speaking with The Sun, Jake Paul urged Conor McGregor to accept his proposal and make some actual difference in the MMA world for once.

”You’re a rich little weirdo who poses, thinks cool watches and suits will make people like you. This is your chance to do for others. Accept my proposal and let’s do something that is bigger than us. I’m ready.”

Henry Cujedo also recently claimed that Conor McGregor would lose to Jake Paul if they ever faced each other. We will have to wait and see whether Jake Paul and Conor McGregor will duke it out or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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