Shenseea just dropped her new album, ALPHA, and she has quite a way of getting headlines. She made her way into the American mainstream and still exploring her artistic styles for a new audience.

The life of a professional singer can be a little stressful at times since it usually involves a lot of travel around the world for meetings, performances, and more. Shenseea recently made an appearance on Angela Yee’s Lip Service where she spoke about her masturbation habits, sex life, and more. During the interview, Shenseea revealed that she often brings her sex toys in her carry-on luggage when she flies and takes breaks to pleasure herself during long flights.

Angela asked her if Shenseea likes to use her hands or toys and she replied, “My toys. I used to use my hands but when I started working, my arm started getting tired and I couldn’t hold the mic. Now I got toys galore. I don’t even need a n***a.”

She further revealed that she likes to keep her favorite toys in her handbag, saying, “It’s a must-have! Like a lipgloss… On the plane… the plane bathroom…”


After another woman on the panel also admitted that she likes to masturbate on flights too, Shenseea replied, “No, it’s nice because people are there and they just don’t know!”

Angela Yee then asked, “So you’ll be in the bathroom while I’m wondering who’s in the bathroom this long?” Shenseea replied, “Yeah, that’s me, and if I’m actually in the mood, you ain’t even gonna notice, to be honest.”

We think it might be a good idea to avoid shaking Shenseea’s hand if you’re in the same flight as her.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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