After years of being involved in a prolonged dispute, Chris Brown and Drake settled their feud and commemorated the occasion with “No Guidance.” The song was released in Breezy’s Indigo album and was on the top charts for the summer of 2019. Now they can turn a new chapter in that story.

Unfortunately enough, as the single gained more popularity, it led to a lawsuit against Drake and Chris who have been accused of copying Braindon Cooper’s 2016 single, “I Love Your Dress.’

In February, Braindon claimed that it was “both egotistical and without any legal basis whatsoever” to say that Chris or Drake didn’t have “plausible” to his single. Attorneys for both artists are currently demanding a dismissal, saying that Cooper’s song is “obscure” and has a common phrase like “You got it.” The attorneys also said that Cooper can’t “exercise a monopoly” over such a common phrase.

Chris Brown’s lawyer, James G. Sammataro wrote in a filing for the case, “This is not a close call.” He claimed that posting a song and performing live does “not constitute widespread dissemination as a matter of law.”

James looked deeper into the allegations that Cooper sent his song to an Artists and Repertoire who has connections with Birdman named Mic Tee, who used to work under the AMAG Collective. James then shut down the allegations that Drake and Brown heard the song through Mic Tee as “conjectural and speculative.”

Sammataro also dismantled arguments that Tee told Cooper to travel to Drake’s hometown, Toronto that the plaintiff suggested played some sort of role in the copyright infringement,

The filing read, “Plaintiffs’ allegation that Mic Tee suggested that Cooper travels to Toronto, Drake’s original hometown,’ is insufficient to permit an inference of access. By plaintiffs’ own account, Drake has resided in California since 2014. In any event, there is no allegation that Cooper went to Toronto, and it is implausible to assume that every musician in Toronto collaborates and shares music with Drake.”

We will have to see how things pan out in this story, but it just goes to show that you never know when a previous work will come back in a new light.

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