Lil Nas X is one of the most trending rappers in the music industry right now. Fans were concerned when Lil Nas X unexpectedly took a three-month vacation from social media. Now, Fans will be encouraged by the fact that Lil Nas is again back to social media and teases NBA Young Boy collaboration.

A collaboration between Lil Nas X and YoungBoy could be on the road. The “Industry Baby” rapper returned to social media on Wednesday to tease a single with NBA YoungBoy after a months-long sabbatical.

Nas provided a screenshot of an audio file named “Late to the Party,” which features YoungBoy, as well as another song titled “Down Souf Hoes,” which features Saucy Santana. In the post, he asked fans’ opinions that what do they want. In the wake of the “YoungBoy better” joke, he also retweeted a fan who dubbed the YoungBoy collaboration a “God tier move.”

“Which one y’all want first?”


Lil Nas X was taken aback by the fans’ love and admiration for him. Nas has been missing for more than three months, causing widespread concern. He was moved by the fan’s treatment and decided to tweet about it.

“why are people surprised i’ve been away for so long? have y’all really never heard of maternity leave?”

“i’m so happy i’m back on the internet. i missed me so much.”

The popularity of Lil Nas X is growing by the day. The fantastic cooperation has piqued the interest of fans. Hopefully, it will release soon. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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