Farrah Abraham is by far the most controversial figure to come out of the Teen Mom franchise. Farrah has often been deemed as a bad mother to daughter Sophia by fans and her family alike. Now, aside from Farrah, fans are trying to come to terms with her own mother’s unusual behavior.

Earlier, Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen expressed her concern for her 12-year-old granddaughter, Sophia. Debra has expressed her issues with Farrah’s parenting quite a few times. However, many might argue that Danielsen is not being an ideal grandma herself.

Debra Danielsen showed off her rapping skills in a short Instagram video posted on Monday. The unusual video quickly gained popularity among Teen Mom fans. Danielson rapped to her own original new song, Side Hustle. This is quite strange coming for Debra as she used to yell at Farrah for using foul language.

The crazy part is, Debra actually dressed like a rapper and even had the attitude of a hip-hop artist. Danielsen wore a thick gold chain over her white vest and black sweater. It seems like she’s quite serious about her rap career.


While moving her hands around in the air Debra rapped some bars. Debra rapped: “Stat! You heard what I said! / What the hell is going on inside your f**king head?” Debra captioned the post: “Side Hustle.” indicating that its the song title. She also mentioned the lyrics were meant “for that bad day at work.”

Watch the short clip below to wintess Debra’s rapping skills. Some fans are saying Debra has lost her mind others are enjoying the fun. Tell us what you think below!

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