Teen Mom OG cast member Debra Danielsen expressed concern for her 12-year-old granddaughter Sophia Abraham. Danielsen retweeted a fan who said her estranged daughter, Farrah Abraham, was living with her father, Michael Abraham, in Texas after she moved out of her Los Angeles apartment.

The tweet of that person read: “If Farrah received a ‘7-figure’ pay day from MTV for a few hours of ‘work’ then why is she living with her dad & stepmom in a run-down 2 bedroom house in Texas? And why not pay for movers? Remember she was half paralyzed when she was moving boxes with Michael?”

None of the charges made by the social media user were refuted by Danielsen. She stated instead that her ex-husband, Michael Abraham, was privately self-obsessed with himself.

“Covert Narcissist, Michael, is not telling the truth. MTV isn’t paying anyone that type of money at this time when ratings have plummeted,” Danielsen re-tweeted.

The user then wrote: “So glad you’ve stepped out of his toxic circle. You are awesome!”

Danielsen answered: “I hope other people will see through the lies and Farrah will get the treatment she needs. I am fearful for Sophia ❤️💯”

Danielsen has been public about her concern for her grandchild since their split. In January 2022, after Abraham was detained outside Grandmaster Recorders, a new rooftop bar in Hollywood, she revealed she was afraid for Sophia. According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Abraham was charged with misdemeanor assault. Abraham is scheduled to appear in court on May 19 to face the allegations.

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