Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship is over, but that won’t stop Ye from ranting on social media. This is a situation that now involves Pete Davidson, Kim K’s new boyfriend. Now Pete is making it official in ink.

Pete Davidson sure has a tendency to get his girlfriends’ names tattooed on his body. In a recent photo of Pete Davidson, he is seen flaunting his tattoos and if you look closely you’ll see that he has tattooed his new girlfriend, Kim’s name on his chest. This is the same photo that he sent Ye via their text exchange.

The tattoo looks subtle but it’s pretty prominent and it looks like Pete just got it. It also looks a bit jailhouse. When Pete was dating Ariana Grande, they had a few tattoos inked in each other’s honor. However, Pete removed his tattoos after they separated.

The photo of Pete went viral from the alleged texts that appeared between him and Kanye. The screenshots were posted by Pete’s friend, Dave Sirus. In the texts, Pete taunted Kanye saying, “In bed with your wife” when Ye asked where he was.


In the alleged texts, Pete did try to have a civilized conversation with Ye at first and begged him to not publicly bash Kim and attack Pete personally, but it looks like Kanye was not ready to cooperate.

Pete eventually lost his patience and started getting a little annoyed with Ye. Although Kim is now officially single, Pete still refers to her as Kanye’s wife which might be a problem later. Take a look at Pete’s new tattoo and let us know what you think.

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