Colin Kaepernick was shunned from the NFL after a controversial choice to take a knee. It seems that a comeback is possible, but it doesn’t seem to be widely accepted.

Kaepernick hinted at a return to the NFL by posting a workout video on Twitter. It’s unlikely that he’ll be welcomed back by a team. Tomi Lahren slammed Colin a bit for trying to make a football comeback.

Colin recently stated that he will attempt to make a comeback to football after being blackballed from the NFL. On Thursday, he posted a video of himself tossing the ball around in preparation for a possible comeback. He captioned the video with, “Still Working.”

This piqued the interest of Tomi Lahren, who was quick to release an unjustified response shaming Kaepernick. He claimed that Colin was exaggerating his oppression while in the spotlight as an NFL quarterback: “LOL not ‘oppressed’ anymore now that you’re not getting the attention?”

Kaepernick’s entire stance for kneeling during the national anthem was to speak for victims of police brutality, racial injustice, and oppression. Lahren’s response seems like a direct attack on his beliefs.

Tomi Lahren has always been outspoken about her political views. Some of music’s most politically outspoken singers, as well as high-profile athletes, have always reacted to her views. However, Colin then posted a message on Twitter today without recognizing Lahren, stating that he is looking for professional quarterback instructors to train with, indicating that he is serious about his comeback.

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Smita Singha Roy

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