The Kardashians are known to do some questionable things in their life. One of them is certainly the relationships they keep with some people. This time fans suspect Kylie Jenner of being secretly friends with Joryn Woods.

Kylie and Jordyn used to be best friends back in the day. They grew apart after Jordyn had a cheating scandal with Khloe’s ex Tristan Thomson. Despite being cut off from the Kardashian clan, Jordyn appeared to hint that she’s still friends with Kylie.

Fans recently spotted a Tweet by Jordyn and seemed to connect the dots that the former friends might have reconciled. They shared a picture of the post to Reddit. People have since then come up with numerous speculations about the current state of their relationship.

One Reddit user simply wrote: “Wait… WHAT?!?!?!” Another wrote: “On the day of the birth is almost too coincidental!” A third chimed in: “I can see Kylie and Jordyn being undercover friends.” However, some fans noted that Jordyn could’ve posted the wolf emojis “because her boyfriend plays for the Timberwolves.”


Jordyn shared the suspicious tweet years after she made headlines after she was caught “making out” with Tristan. The Kardashians later broke off any casual and business ties with her. She was removed as a model from their various brands and cut off the joint makeup project between her and Kylie.

People on the outside have a vague picture of their connections and relationship with people. We can never pinpoint who they are on good terms with and who are not in their close circle.

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