Kim Kardashian came under fire for her recent controversial remarks on work ethic. Soon after, Kim was called out by her former unpaid intern. Now, fans are slamming the SKIMS founder for showing off her new Burberry trench coat amid her tone-deaf comments.

This all started after Kim Kardashian made a very insensitive comment in her Variety interview this week. The reality star claimed that nobody wanted to work these days. This comment not only angered fans but also led Jameela Jamila to call her out on Twitter.

Amid the controversy, Kim continued to post as usual on her Instagram story. Things took a turn for the worse after the reality star shared a photo of a customized free trench coat from Burberry that cost at least $2,000. Kim also posted photos of the free makeup, haircare, and skincare products she received from various brands that day on her stories.

Naturally, fans were quick to take to Reddit o slam the reality star for boasting about her freebies in the wake of her recent comments. “Kim showing off all her free sh*t. Maybe if you got your f*cking ass up and worked you could get free sh*t, too,” one wrote sarcastically. A second user added by saying, “Is she really showing off all this stuff NOW? Come on!”

This isn’t the only reason why Kim got in trouble this week. Recently, the reality star got called her for comparing her marriage to cancer patient struggles in a resurfaced clip. It’s giving privileged vibes for sure.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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