Johnny Knoxville and WWE Superstar Sami Zayn have been clashing since Knoxville first debuted on WWE TV for a Royal Rumble bout. However, Johnny Knoxville has recently got revenge on Sami Zayn by playing a hilarious prank on him.

Johnny Knoxville has retaliated against WWE Superstar Sami Zayn for blowing up his phone and talking trash on Thursday by revealing the WWE Superstar’s phone number to the entire city of Los Angeles. On Friday, TMZ Sports received a video of the “Jackass” star performing his latest prank, which he explained in a funny video.

Knoxville said:

“So yesterday, Sami Zayn got my personal phone number and was texting and stalking me all day. So today, for my birthday, I am flying his phone number over Los Angeles. 407-574-1532. See ya at WrestleMania, Shnookums.”

Knoxville had earlier challenged Zayn to a WrestleMania bout, which Sami had turned down, claiming Johnny had no business in WWE. But that all changed when Knox directly assisted Ricochet in defeating Zayn for the Intercontinental title, prompting Sami to call out the stuntman and demand a battle at AT&T Stadium in Dallas next month.

Zayn has tweeted about his phone ringing off the hook, indicating that the prank was a tremendous success. However, keep an eye on Thirsty to get to know what Zayn does next to avenge this.

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