The Wizard of Oz was distinguished by its use of Technicolor, fantasy storytelling, musical score, and memorable characters. The film was a critical success and was nominated for six Academy Awards. The Tin Man’s oil can from “The Wizard of Oz” is up for auction.

The oil can is remembered for its use in the scene in which the Tin Man is set free from his rusted state, and it is said to be the only original item from the iconic character’s costume. This rare piece of movie memorabilia is being auctioned off for the first time through Kruse GWS Auctions and is expected to fetch at least $200,000.

In terms of ‘Wizard of Oz’ significance, the Tin Man’s oil can is right up there with Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, and it’s currently on display at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where it’s expected to fetch high bids.

There were four pairs of slippers, with one fetching $2 million at auction. The oil can is part of the Artifacts of Hollywood & Music Auction, which also includes a pair of Elvis Presley’s famous sunglasses.


According to TMZ, the Elvis sunglasses are black with 14K white gold lightning bolt accents along the arms and more 14K white gold making up his “EP” initials on the bridge. The aviators are expected to fetch around $25,000 at auction.

The auction will begin on March 26. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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