There’s a little known fact about former POTUS Barack Obama and it’s that he had some of the greatest NBA players over at the White House in order to celebrate his 49th birthday. He celebrated with a grand basketball game with them.

The game took place in 2010 and the players who were with Barack Obama at the time were Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Carmelo Anthony. The basketball that all the GOATs used on that day has now finally hit auction.

Barack Obama is known to have hosted many prominent NBA players as he is a self-proclaimed fan of the game. His infatuation with the game and the players has led to an extremely high-value auction commodity.

The ball that was graced by the collective hands of Obama, Magic, Kobe, King James and Melo is now ready to be taken home at the Heritage Auctions. It has signatures from all the players, making it manifold valuable.

The basketball has an expected selling price of $12,000, though when the bidding gets heated up, it’s expected to go much higher. As the bidding opens on February 28th, we are yet to see who takes it away with how much of a price.

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