Kaalan Walker was smacked into controversy after facing multiple sexual assault accusations. As time progressed, 30 women came forward to tell their tale. It has been years since the assault allegations first came to light, now it appears his trial has officially begun.

Rolling Stone reported the new developments around Kaalan’s case. Prosecutors alleged that Walker used his verification badge, on social media, to lure out women with hopes of modeling careers. Walker is accused of rapes and sexual assaults that date back to 2013. It means Kaalan was just a teenager when all this began.

The actor has reportedly pleaded “not guilty to six counts of forcible rape with two of those related to minor, two counts of rape by an intoxicating substance. In addition to these charges, he stands accused of unlawful intercourse with a minor, sexual penetration by force, and among other charges. 

The charges related to this trial reportedly stem from 11 alleged victims, aged 16 to 22. Prosecutors reportedly stated that these girls believed that he was “trustworthy” and when he offered them job opportunities, the victims were under the impression that it was “legitimate.”


“You’re going to be introduced to the real Kaalan Walker, the man behind the movies. you’re going to see a dark side to him — a side that each of these women saw,” Deputy District Attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi told the jury. “You’re going to see that he’s a con artist, a predator who used his limited industry success to bait and trap these young girls, lure them to locations where they were alone, where he was in control, where they were vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Flier, Walker’s attorney, accused the near-dozen accusers of “lying” in order to enact “revenge” on his client. Flier insisted that the girls and women were upset became they engaged in consensual sex and later regretted their decisions.

Of the accusers, a 16-year-old claimed Walker reached out to offer her $5,000 to appear in a music video, later she alleged he raped her. Additionally in 2014, a woman was 19-years-old when she allegedly got drunk on a party bus that took her to a club where she was turned away by security. She reportedly stated that Walker raped her in a nearby parking lot.

Prosecutors alleged that for the 2014 case, authorities have DNA evidence that went unmatched for so long because the victim didn’t know who assaulted her. Only time will tell how this story unfolds. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Thirsty for future updates.

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