Elden Ring is a fantastic video game and an incredible single-player experience, but it’s also a total blast with friends. However, not all of us have friends who are willing to devote the time required to truly understand a game like Elden Ring. Similarly, a daring explorer didn’t have any friends and he literally ended up paying a cam girl $20,000 for a 40-hour session.

Chris, of New Jersey, claims to have paid adult model Charley Hart $20,160 (approximately £15,200) to play Elden Ring with him for one marathon session on the CamSoda website.

Chris told The Sun:

“I usually play campaigns by myself in my boxer briefs and overload on carbs while chugging energy drinks. It was nice to have Charley alongside me as I traversed The Lands Between. We got to know each other quite intimately and connected on a deeper level.”


He continued, saying: “I really appreciated her companionship. I look forward to hopefully streaming with her again when the next big game is released.” Chris also claims that he and Charley outscore the game in 40 hours. While it’s not impossible, it’s quite an accomplishment. It’s also the one that apparently turned Chris off from ever doing anything similar again.

Charley explained that during the pandemic, a percentage of cam girls actually saw an increase in requests to game. However, certain clients no doubt just preferred the company in lockdown.

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Smita Singha Roy

Smita is an engineering student with a passion for learning and exploring new things. She is an enthusiastic and determined individual who enjoys reading newspapers, studying people, history and storytelling. She also likes to watch movies to gain new perspectives and enrich her life experience. Smita is an artist and enjoys cooking and playing the guitar in her free time.

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