North West is Kim and Kanye’s first child. North is a phenomenal artist and great sister. However, Kim says North’s semblance to her father Kanye is intimidating.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian revealed that her daughter North, who is eight, is Kanye West’s twin. Not just that she also admitted she’s “intimidated” by her oldest child. In a podcast interview shared on Reddit, Kim told the host about a past conversation she had with North.

North is usually just chilling like kids her age do. That is when she’s not getting viral on TikTok or rapping at a fashion show. This may be because of her famous parents but North’s uniqueness always shines through.

North performed the song “It’s Northie” or better known as “What are those, these are clothes” at one of Kanye’s fashion shows. The conversation after the show is what made Kim feel that North is the only person (after Kanye of course) that she feels intimidated by.

According to Kim, she “hyped up” North at the fashion show and argued “we’re supposed to be there for each other.” She got an angry response from North. Kim continued: “North said, ‘Well you lied to me cause I did so bad. I didn’t even read anything and you walked off, so you’re lying to me.’” After the host said North was being harsh with her mother, Kim added: “I’m like, ‘You are Kanye.’ You know, like they’re twins.”

Taking after her Dad’s artistic nature, North is turning into a phenomenal artist. She has done many beautiful paintings that most kids of her age can not pull off. Earlier, Kim called North “Emo” because of of one her depressing art works.

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