Randall Emmett had been in a relationship with Lala Kent for a long enough time. However, Randall Emmett was then rumored to have been unfaithful to her which eventually led to their breakup. This time fans think he is hooking up with his long-time friend Golnesa Gharachedaghi.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi and Randall Emmett have been friends for years. Following Emmett’s split from Lala Kent, GG seems to be upping her comments on the situation, often trolling Kent on social media. The two have gone back and forth and aren’t on the greatest terms.

However, fans are now suspicious of the pair. Although a source close to GG previously told Heavy that she and Emmett are just pals, recent events says otherwise. GG made a comment on Page Six’s Instagram post that seems to imply that she has been hooking up with Emmett and she still is.

“He was also allegedly hooking up with a 40-year-old when their daughter was 10-months-old, 11-months-old, and maybe even when she’s 12-months-old. We’ll see,” GG wrote on an Instagram post uploaded by Page Six.


While it seems that GG was likely just trolling Kent, the reality star is 40-years-old, and may have been implying that she has been hooking up with Emmett. “Oh god I really hope you aren’t referring to yourself,” wrote one fan.

A second person added by saying, “Girl lol that is not something I would proudly flaunt. Are you hard up on money? Needing rand to provide you a fraudulent lavish lifestyle? Byeeeee.” “GG this is soooo thirsty!!!!! You’re better than Rand come on!!!!” read the third comment.

Lala Kent previously pointed out that Randall went out, traveled together with another woman while she was alone at home with their newborn daughter, Ocean. Emmett told her he was working, when asked where was he. However, Kent is not upset with her but sad for her as she views her as the next victim of her ex.

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