The WWE 2K series of video games continues to get mixed responses from fans over the years. While they have provided great games such as 2K19, they also released WWE 2K20, which was universally panned. WWE2K22 seems to be going down in the same path.

WWE 2K22 is one of the most highly anticipated wrestling games in a long time. 2K Games, an internal development studio under the Take-Two Interactive banner, has refined the game engine and expected to create a much better experience for gamers. However, it seems fans are experiencing tons of glitches already.

In one hilarious glitch video, the tight ropes didn’t seem tight enough as they started dancing all of a sudden. In another video, Edge was seen levitating for a moment before descending down slowly. In a third video, the entire screen just blacked out as the match progressed in the background.

In another video featuring a TLC match among seven wrestling, glitches went haywire. Fans also mocked the odd player models and lack of real updates and gameplay previews.


After the disaster that was WWE2K20, 2K games has one chance to get it right. If the game fails, it could mean curtains for the relationship between WWE and 2K parent Take-Two Interactive. You can check out all the glitches related tweets and videos below.

Gunjan Nath

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