Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are engaged for quite some time now. Fans are still speculating about Kourtney’s pregnancy and the couple’s marriage. Now Kourtney has taken to his fiance’s house and pulled a fun prank on him.

Kourtney took to Instagram to share a “photo dump” on Monday captioning it “weeeeekend 🐴🧻🧻🥑🛁✝️”. It included pictures of fiancé Travis Barker’s front lawn covered in toilet paper. “Got You, LOL Haha.” the toilet paper wrote out next to a massive palm tree decorated in lights.

The prank wasn’t just only planned by her alone. The whole setup seemed like a family affair as daughter Penelope could be seen in the pictures. She was seemingly eager to add some more “decorations” to her soon-to-be stepdad’s Calabasas home.

The Poosh founder tagged her drummer beau in the photos, which he shared to his own Instagram story. Fans were also quick to point out the Kardashian family’s history of teepeeing. It reminded them of the time Kris and Khloé had a bit too much to drink and teepeed Kim’s house back in 2013.

Some commented on the post recollecting a similar incident with Kim, Khloe, and Kris. “Kris & Khloe Shenanigans again” one follower commented. “Remember when Kris and Khloé TP’d Kim” another added.

With the marriage of Kourtney and Travis looming in the near future, it’s great to see them being this fun with each other. If the speculations are correct, we could be witnessing another Kardashian wedding in the new Kardashians show on Hulu.

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