Kim Kardashian was triumphant in her legal battle with Kanye West. As a result, Kim is now officially single and free from marital clutches. However, fans are in their own world criticizing the reality star for getting lip fillers.

The fans of the SKIMS founder took to Reddit and posted a picture of her when she was with Reggie Bush. The Reddit users pointed out that the reality star’s lips used to be much thinner before she got fillers. They commented on how her lips used to look natural and beautiful.

“I came across these pics of Kim from the Reggie Bush days& Folks seem to be a tad confused about Kim’s natural lips, so here is what they looked like before the filler…”

Many came to critique her while some were also there to back the KUWTK alum. One commented: “She was beautiful in these pics! I’ll never understand why they all went crazy with the fillers and Botox and such lol ruined their faces.” The following fan said: “Can we please go back to this. Shooting up lips should not be a trend.”


Some people also argued that Kim’s lips were never that thin. One fan wrote: “She always had full lips top and bottom.” Another added: “I’m just looking at that nose in the last pic. Cmon! Her nose job is so obvious.” As one fan chimed in defending: “I love her nose here. I feel like it’s not natural, but idk if she would’ve had a nose job these days.”

It has been years since she got her lips and nose done but fans are not yet done talking about it. While Kim starts her newfound single life, it would be interesting to see how she goes on with different ventures in life.

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Anirban Biswas

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