Kim Kardashian is a fan-favorite television personality whose every move is noticed by millions of people. Kardashian is now officially single, and she’s celebrating the moment by exploring different outfits. Unfortunately, Hazel-E recently criticizes Kim Kardashian for stealing an outfit idea from caution tape.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of being a copycat again. It’s no secret that the socialite has been accused of stealing ideas for her content and goods from others primarily Black women in the past, and now, Love & Hip Hop’s Hazel-E has joined the lengthy list of people who have slammed Kim.

If fans have watched the Balenciaga presentation at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, fans might have caught a glimpse of the mother of four’s daring design, which saw her cover nearly every inch of her curvaceous figure with yellow warning tape with the high-fashion brand’s name scrawled across it.

Although Kardashian stood out amid the crowd, which included Salma Hayek, Lil Baby, Jayda Chaves, A$AP Ferg, Alexa Demie, and Diplo, what appeared to be a unique OOTD may not be as unique as we thought.

“TB to 2018 when @odaingerous dripped me in the [caution] tape for the [“What Are You Talkin Bout”] video shoot. Support your Black designers, their ideas can be high fashion brands’ inspiration.”

While some people agree with the Cincinnati native’s point of view, others believe she’s inciting controversy solely because Kim was sporting the style. There were many people who commented from Hazel’s point of view.

“She hadddd to say something cuz Kim wore it but babyyyyyy KIM KARDASHIAN ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL AND DOESN’T KNOW A HAZEL.”

This new appearance of Kim Kardashian got both negative and positive feedback. Some people slammed for this and even some people admired her. Did you like her new look? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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