Britney Spears has resumed her normal life after being released from her strict conservatorship. Spears is constantly updating the public on her renewed independence. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Spears stated that she is “not done” pursuing justice against those who have “harmed her.”

“The reason I bring this up is because ending the conservatorship is a huge deal but come on … THAT’S IT ???” Spears posted a picture of a Christian church and the star of David and titled them. “They all got away with it !!! If you’ve ever been in shock 😱 for 4 months … threatened for your life … you would be upset too,” she added, referring to a 2019 stay at a psych ward that she previously claimed was against her consent.

The “Gimme More” singer did not say who is referring to “they”, although she has previously named members of her family, including her father Jamie Spears, mother Lynne Spears, and sister Jamie Lynn Spears. She’s also vowed to “sue the s–t out of” her former business manager Lou Taylor, Taylor’s partner Robin Greenhill, and Taylor’s company, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group.

Britney added:

“I’m not done … I want justice and won’t stop until something is done to those who harmed me … and YES I was harmed !!!! This is a message to all who have been threatened for their life … You are NOT ALONE !!!!”

The “Toxic” singer revealed instances of how restricted her life was during her 13-year conservatorship, which was terminated by a judge in November 2021. The Grammy winner then revealed further specifics about her 2019 treatment.

“105 people are in and out of a small trailer home 🏡 weekly. No private baths 🛁 … seen naked when changing … drugged … can’t even speak or talk … has to be available to the treatment people and show up every day for 10 hours a day … if not will have to stay longer … never given a date on when you can leave … 9:00 pm bed every night … like 8 gallons of blood 🩸weekly …”

Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has pledged to sue his client’s ex-conservators and their associates in court. In September 2021, the high-powered lawyer said that he had launched an “investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues,” including claims that a security firm had been recruited to record Britney’s private talks. However, by detailing all her years of abuse, Spears hoped to encourage others in similar situations to take steps toward their own liberation.

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