DaBaby has his own set of relationship issues, although he appears to“99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” as JAY-Z put it. In a recent video, DaBaby has been seen mercilessly tormenting his security guard Kongg over an apparent breakup.

Kane Kongg, DaBaby’s security guard, appears to be dealing with some recent heartbreak. DaBaby ruthlessly torments Kongg over an apparent breakup in a video released on Akademiks’ Instagram account on Sunday (March 6). In the video, DaBaby added, “Look at him, look at him over here, thinking about his old bitch.”

“He pissed. Look at it. That n**** pissed about that bitch [laughs].” He wrote across the video, “ITS GONE GET GREATER LATER BIG DUDE.” DaBaby shows Kongg sitting in a restaurant booth, scrolling through his phone, in a follow-up clip. When Kongg realizes what’s going on, he shouts, “Get the f*ck up off me,” while DaBaby laughs and says, “He f*cked up about the bitch.” The text across the video reiterates, “He f*cked up bout da bitch.”

DaBaby has been open about his relationship problems with his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh, with whom he shares a daughter. DaBaby and her brother Brandon Bills got into a fight last month at a bowling alley in the Los Angeles region. Bills is suing DaBaby for assault, violence, mental distress, and carelessness, according to TMZ. The altercation occurred at Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California.


Bills claimed he was walking behind DaBaby at the bowling alley when he was abruptly attacked and left in “severe injury and pain.” Bills further alleged that he did not fight back, resulting in physical and psychological harm, medical bills, and long-term incapacity. However, DaBaby claimed the battle was in self-defense, despite the fact that he is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon after Bills was kicked in the head while he was down.

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