DaBaby has had two huge fallouts in his life over the last year or so, on top of other turmoil he’s been a part of. His breakup with DaniLeigh, a well-known influencer and artist, was extensively publicized, as they both utilized their social media platforms to expose and criticize each other.

Dani and Baby had a child together, which complicated matters further because it appeared that DaBaby was neglecting their child. This poor relationship finally led to a fight between DaniLeigh’s brother and DaBaby at a bowling alley, where DaBaby and his gang assaulted Dani’s brother Brandon, and the video went viral.

Now, in the aftermath of the whole ordeal, DaBaby remains steadfast in his conduct. When confronted about his behavior on TT Torrez’s Hot97 radio show lately, he declared he would not alter anything.

Nope. Life is life. What could have been done differently, it would have to start under the hood. I would have to put more out there to even break down what I would’ve done differently. That’s neither here nor there.


DaBaby and Torrez also briefly discussed his rocky relationship with Megan Thee Stallion, with whom he had previously collaborated on a couple smash hit songs. Megan unfriended DaBaby last summer after learning that he worked with Tory Lanez, who Meg claims shot her in the leg on an infamous Summer 2020 night.

DaBaby stated that he has no issues with Meg and would like to reunite with her, despite the fact that this is most likely not her choice. Below are two videos of DaBaby talking about DaniLeigh and Megan Thee Stallion.

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