Jenna Jameson is a former porn star and adult entertainment actress. She got diagnosed with the Guillain-Barré syndrome earlier this year. The diagnosis came after the former actress’ legs grew so weak that they could not carry her weight and eventually lost the ability to walk.

Jenna Jameson recently revealed that two months after being admitted to the hospital, doctors still haven’t figured out what’s causing her mysterious ailment. Her partner, Lior Bitton, revealed days later that she had been misdiagnosed with the rare autoimmune disorder.

Jameson posted a new health update on her Instagram account recently. She claimed she is still unable to stand while she recovers at home after spending several weeks in a Hawaii hospital. The model uploaded a self-shot video thanking her supporters.

I wanted to pop on and say hello. It’s been a minute since I’ve been on. I’m still sick. As you can still see, I’m in bed. But I’m at home, which is really nice. I’ve been getting a lot of sleep. We l don’t know exactly what’s going on. I still am unable to stand, but I am feeling better, and things are going a lot better, so thanks for your support.

Jameson shared a video in February depicting the toll that her persistent disease has taken on her legs, as she continues to rely on a wheelchair. As doctors search for answers regarding Jameson’s condition, it is widely believed among the team of her physicians that the issue could be with her femoral nerve, the largest nerve in the leg that controls the hip and knee muscles.

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