Saweetie is one of the most well-known female rappers in the hip-hop world right now. She’s also a savvy entrepreneur who can handle a number of tasks at once. Saweetie was recently spotted in the studio with Dr. Dre and Erick Sermon, indicating that fans will be rewarded with a spectacular collaboration.

Erick Sermon shared a number of images on Instagram the other day, including a group selfie with Dr. Dre, Larrance Dopson, Joelle James, and the “Icy” rapper. Sermon hinted that Snoop Dogg would play a role in this next plan, saying, “the saga continues” as they all work on his newest project.

“I got to L.A a day before the #superbowl ..then 2 days after that was his bday…after that .. the #sagacontinues. We worked on my new project #DYNAMICDUOS … the next day he called @snoopdogg we made something epic for him .. then we made something for him after.. I think lol. Then he says erick .. that’s 3. What’s next ? GOD doesn’t make mistakes.”

“We were friends for over 30 and never worked together. A lot of ppl has been waiting on this to happen. Well .. here it is.”

Except for Saweetie, everyone’s Instagram account was updated with the group selfie and Joelle captioned the post describing the time as a “legendary session.”

“Last night was some stuff you waited for your whole f’n life!!!”

For almost a year, Saweetie has teased her next album pretty B*tch Music, and fans have been wondering when they’ll get their hands on it. After having an epiphany about her style following a discussion with Cher, the rapper pushed back her album’s release date, telling Billboard that it needed some “reconstruction.”

Fans may expect to hear a new collaboration. Are you excited, it might arrive at any time, shaking the industry. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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