Rasheeda, the star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, was forced to take a break this week after being hospitalized for dehydration and stress. The singer recently uploaded a series of photos from her hospital visit. She has now informed her fans that she has recovered and is back at home.

Rasheeda’s photos showed her laying in a bed with several machines monitoring her vitals. She recently took to Instagram to give an update on her health. Rasheeda is truly grateful for her family and friends for continuously checking on her. She feels truly blessed and wants to come back stronger.

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God has a way of sitting you down when you think you can do it all. What an eye opener for me! Dehydration & stress is serious I’m a 100% witness! But I’m better now & truly blessed! Gotta switch things up! Thank you to my family @frostedkae @kyfrost_ @youngfrost1000 @msshirleen @cheryltoure5 who checked on me & was making sure i was ok love you guys & @frost117 you never left my side for one second and is still making sure I’m good every minute of the day love you babe!

Given everything Rasheeda and Kirk have gone through over the years, seeing him by his wife’s side during her time of need — rather than in a hot tub with Benzino and a bunch of groupies — is a wonderful surprise. Scrappy, Karlie Redd, Spice, and other Love & Hip Hop cast members left heartfelt wishes in the comments section for the reality star.

She then shared a video of Kirk clutching her closely as she walked down the stairs in a Versace ensemble. We’re relieved to see Rasheeda on the mend. We’ll keep you updated on her progress as she provides more information. Check out her Instagram posts below.

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