Sydney Sweeney has risen to fame at a breakneck speed. Sweeney was reportedly told that she lacked the ideal appearance for television. Sydney stuck it through and won a major part on the hit show Euphoria.  She caused a commotion in more ways than one just days after the HBO series’ second season conclusion.

Sweeney wore her newly colored copper-hued hair and a huge diamond ring out on Tuesday with her lover Jonathan Davino. While the couple prompted engagement speculations, Sweeney’s redheaded look had many wondering if she was auditioning for a new role. In any case, supporters were ecstatic about the new look.

One user tweeted,

“Red hair sydney sweeney is my new religion,”

Sydney isn’t the only star that is proud of her red hair lately. Kendall Jenner debuted her red hair at Paris Fashion Week just days before, while TikTok star Nessa Barrett experimented with the “Little Mermaid” shade after her fans encouraged her to do so.

Euphoria won’t be returning until 2024, so Sweeney has more than enough time to go blonde again. Season 3 will undoubtedly be full of surprises, with Cassie bidding farewell to her distinctive color being the least surprising narrative element.

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Smita Singha Roy

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