Cain Velasquez is facing an attempted murder charge after shooting a man on Monday in San Jose, California. The former UFC heavyweight champion was seeking revenge on the son of a daycare owner who was charged with molesting a young relative of the fighter.

Dave Meltzer discussed the shooting incident in detail on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Velasquez didn’t immediately go into a rage when he found out that the alleged molester was released from jail. Cain had a very normal, fun weekend with his family that included attendance at a professional wrestling event.

“Cain’s relative was going to a daycare, it’s a home daycare in San Martin, which is about five miles from his house or so. He lives in Morgan Hill. So, it’s just outside of San Jose. The relative has been going there for about two years and I guess on Friday, the stepson of the woman who ran the place was accused, taken in, on charges of molesting a child. There was a lot of testimony and he was let out on bail on Friday.

It wasn’t like he went crazy, Cain. On Saturday night, his whole family went to Pro Wrestling Revolution, Lucha Libre show at Mount Pleasant High School in San Jose. They were all having a good time on Saturday night after this.


Monday, he gets his gun, he goes on a high-speed chase, he finds him. There were three people in the car. There was the woman who runs a daycare center, his wife, who was not the father, but the stepfather of the guy who’s accused of this. And he starts firing shots. The woman and the stepfather had no idea and didn’t believe the story. What they know and what they don’t know, I don’t know. There’s allegations that the guy did it to other kids. If he did it to one, could you believe he could do it to others. Is it horrible? It’s f*cking horrible, it’s the worst.

I can see why he flew off the handle. So, he chased the car for about 11 miles. High-speed chase in Morgan Hill area, San Jose area, on Monterrey Highway. Crashed into the car and started shooting. There were three people in the car. The woman was there, the stepfather, and the alleged perpetrator. He hit the stepfather. He hit the wrong guy. Could’ve hit the woman who he’s been sending his [relative] to daycare with.”

There are not many more details about the Cain Velasquez shooting incident than what has already been reported. It is a difficult and heartbreaking situation for everyone involved. As the case proceeds through the courts, we will learn more. Stay tuned to Thirsty for all the latest on this story.

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