Kim Kardashian is amid a courtroom showdown with ex-husband Kanye West on their divorce. However, this hasn’t stopped Kim from showing off her curves in various outfits. Recently she was seen showcasing a product from her own clothing brand.

On Tuesday, Kim snapped a video of herself trying on some pieces from her SKIMS range. She posed in a form-fitting shimmery dress as she held her phone in front of her face. The fashion mogul captioned the video: “I am trying on all of the SKIMS stuff I’m finally getting around to.”

Kim has a knack for trying out dresses from her own clothing brand and showing it to the public. This dress is currently listed on the SKIMS website for $78, comes in five colors and nine sizes. According to the SKIMS website, the shiny outfit is made of “semi-sheer” fabric and is designed to be a “one-and-done” staple.

Kim seemed to be keeping her cool despite her estranged husband Kanye West’s efforts in court to slow down the divorce process. The Kardashian will be reportedly asking a judge to declare her legally single on Wednesday, March 2. Ye on the other hand is sticking to his narrative of invalid prenup statements.

Ahead of the face-off, the Chicago rapper has once again fired his legal council. West had a lawyer representing him when he signed the prenuptial agreement, suggesting that his signature wasn’t involuntary. The document is also expected to help him retain much of the massive fortune he amassed during his marriage to Kardashian.

Kanye is still trying to box Kim in with attacks on various fronts including social media threats to Pete Davidson. However, the SKIMS founder is hell-bent on seeing the end of this and won’t stop until she is legally single.

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